Monday, 16 January 2012

What is a Mellors?...

Well I am going to explain. So Ladies, get a glass of wine and lads maybe get a box of tissues ! Mellors is my name for the most wonderful girl in my life. I noticed this lovely looking girl close to 10 years ago while she was working in a supermarket that I was also working in.

I was working away and going upstairs for my break and I held the door open for what I can say was beauty at its highest. She looked at me said "thanks" and walked up the stairs. Now I was a young man with hormones racing and I took my time to let her walk up ahead of me and stare in awe. So I proceeded to take my break and ask everyone who she was, who was this amazing looking girl with the dyed pink hair! So after all my detective work was done,I had my plan set - I had to win her over and the battle begun, it took me a while but she caved in to my persistent advances and I finally got my chance to go out on a "date" with her. So that's how it began ..

Now I don't want to go into the gory details because I would have to set this blog to +18 haha. I could not picture my life without this woman, she has done so much in my life that I don't think anyone else would even be bothered with. I still get that feeling when she comes home from work.. the feeling is like you know when you were around 6 and you would run down the hill and you got THAT feeling in your belly. Well that's the feeling I get when I don't see my Mellors for a while.

She has been amazing and stuck by me when everything went wrong. When I was faced to spending  8 weeks in Hospital with my mental health problems she was there and helped me. I feel since I have been to hospital and got help, our relationship is getting stronger and stronger. I was a terrible man for drinking and now that I don't drink I also feel this has put a extra foundation to our relationship. For all of those things, I am forever in her debt and she may never know how much she has helped me and shaped me to become the person that I am very happy with today.

We have shared such wonderful times that I will never forget, with this woman I have seen so much LIVE music I will never forget. We have gone to the UK to see music, the USA to see music, even to Belgium to see music. We have gone to Broadway for a show and great comedy gigs. All these moments that we have shared are also things that are close to my heart.

So you can keep your photo-shopped, wannabe models - I'll take my Mellors, she is a true beauty, she is very smart, she has also the most wonderful sense of humour that can me me laugh so hard I have sore ribs. She is not fake, she speaks her mind and everyday with her I count as a blessing. 

Just incase and one reads this and thinks I am sounding like a proud father over a child or somthing I would like to tell you I am not ! I see the looks she gets when she walks around town she is still a head turner for the age of her - She is only five months older then me but thats years in my book

I could write all night long on how much that my Mellors means to me, I just wanted to give you guys a little picture into my heart on how much this woman is amazing and how amazing she is to me.

Thanks for reading


  1. A relationship which is built around trust and support for the other person, is one which will stand the test of time. Everything else falls into place. This is a lovely tribute to your Mellors.

  2. Aww Mr b that's an amazing post x you're both lucky to have each other and I consider myself to be chris's mellors as he is mine :) but I think that's true love. It's about standing beside the person you love and giving them the strength to grow into the amazing ppl you know they can be. So in response to your beautiful post *raises a glass* here's to the original beautiful mellors and to you for coming so far x. Keep writing. Miss mo x

  3. Thanks guys, really liking writing for 2012 its a great feeling to write a piece and people to read it! Thanks very much you guys for your nice words! I have more to come so stay tuned :)

  4. What a really lovely piece Cierán, you are truely, a fortunate man to find a life partner who loves and supports you so dearly, but then again, you make your own fortune ultimately :) every happiness to you both !

  5. Lovely Sentiment, beautifully expressed! Delighted that you have such happiness in your life and you can be assured that you make her as happy as she makes you!