Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sugar and the lack of it.

It has been a long time since I have updated my blog so I decided to get back into the swing of things. Well some of you who are reading will know from my twitter feed that I was told I have Diabetes back in October 2012. I knew I had a problem but what that problem was I did not know as I had been taking anti psychotics for my bipolar and I was noticing that my craving for sugary products like coke and sweet food and junk food was going through the roof. I will say I was not just overloading myself with these products as I am quite aware of the dangers of what happens to you if you do. I did however start to increase as weeks had passed. The real tell tale sign was my trips to the toilet I was urinating around 12 times a day.

So I went to the doctor ( GP ) and he had told me it could be from the medication and I would need to speak to my psychiatrist. I see more medical professionals then I  know what these days on account of my bipolar. Which is not a bad thing I know as I am very lucky to have the care that I do and I would never complain. Its just a bit confusing on who I should go to for what at times ha ha. I explained my case to the psychiatrist and I said for me I am at a level that I feel I do not need to be taking anti psychotic medication. ( I would like to state if you are taking this medication do not be alarmed if you feel you have a problem please talk you your doctor DO NOT just stop taking these tablets)  So I came of the medication and we had to wait a certain amount of time before we could get a proper reading on my blood. At the time I was on Olanzapine trade name Zyprexa This drug has been in the Irish news before on the 17th of January (my birthday)

Lets roll on to the 9th October 2012 I got a phone call from my GP to go into him he had my results of my lithium levels and my blood sugar results. He broke the news to me that I had type 2 Diabetes and I had a serious amount of life style changes to make. My reading for the test ( I don't know the name ) was 82. If I am honest been told I had Diabetes and also having bipolar broke my heart. You may think " oh you still have your health" well it is not really that way to me. I just feel like I am a broke man and nothing works correct in my body at all. It had a really knock on affect to me and put a right dip in my mood.

My plan of attack was to start and cut out as much sugar out of my diet. Everything became brown, rice pasta & bread. All my fluids became water no juice no coke nothing just plain H20. I cut normal potatoes out also and changed them to sweet potatoes. Now the odd time I would have something of a treat maybe a small slice of apple tart as I was told not to deprive myself of everything but learn small is good. My three square meals a day became six small meals. I did not rush out to join the gym as they said fitness was key I said I would do twenty minutes walk a day.

All of what I have listed was my battle plan for Diabetes type two. While having bipolar in my shadows now this new enemy was not going to get the better of me.  I broke the news to Mellors and she as always told me it was going to be grand and I am going to pull through. That in its self is all I need to hear as she is never wrong in my eyes. I broke the news to my second Twitter as always the feedback was super and people were quick to lend a hand. To name a few Margaret Smith gave me some super recipes which I am very grateful for. Emotional support was never far from hand from Ireland's only freelance independent nurse specialising in diabetes  Helena Farrell if I ever had a question she was happy to help me or point me in the right direction. I have to say Helen Major was a super help from the USA always checking in with me to see how I am coping and sending me on very useful information as she had a lot of first hand experience. I would say a lifesaver Those are to name a few and again I am very grateful. I have followed my regime not very strict but tight enough it really is not enjoyable but it becomes OK over time. I said to myself when I first started taken my medication for bipolar when my tablets start to  fall in numbers that would be a sign that I was getting better. So now we have to add two extra tablets a day on top of the other medication for bipolar was a little thing going off in my head saying " Ciaran you are not getting better you are getting more sick" I learned to deal with this and really accepted it for what it was.

I say to myself sometimes if it was just bipolar or just diabetes it would be OK but two at the one time really has a effect on my all ready new found sheltered lifestyle. These are just some of the random thoughts that float through this 0/100 miles a hour brain of mine. When I break it down if I am honest it has not been that hard to deal with just a lot of discipline and allow yourself the odd treat. So if you are reading this I just wanna tell you it is hard to start with but once you get on top of every thing you will be grand and I was lucky to have a lot of support from a wonderful partner that is Mellors.

I got my blood results on Monday 13th May ( which i get taken once a month ) and I am nearly in the clear a nice ol reading of 59 so I got a nice big 2 litre of coke a cola and a apple crumble. The party is over and I am back on track to my normal regime. I hope it is not long until I am in the clear I think ill stick to this lifestyle and just have the odd treat anyway.

Thanks for reading

Ciaran Behan


  1. As always, Ciaran, you open your heart to us.
    You are an inspiration.
    13th. May is my birthday, so your good results are a bonus pressie for me, my friend.
    I am older than you, but well know the feeling of a broken body, that sometimes gets me down, but your sharing of your story helps in many ways.
    So thank you for sharing. x

  2. why is MY FAMILY On here discussing ouf DNA defects...
    practically perfect in every way our Pat! lol
    all except the crock gene...and the backs...and the headaches...dodgy hearts...
    thank god our alcohol use is..........reasonable!

    Ciaran...LOVE the blog but how do i follow? mines a wordpress one?